The weather was phenomenal, and the new boats were equally impressive at the 2018 Miami Boat Show.  Bigger than ever, this year’s show contained both in-tent and in-water displays of almost every boat manufacturer and type of craft from luxury yachts to ski boats to inflatables.  The boats on display represented the latest in design and styling trends, along with new technologies and innovations. As flooring geeks, we check out every floor on every boat on display.  It’s a big task but February in Miami doing what we love is not a bad day at the office.

Woven vinyl styles set the standard in flooring for new boats whether directly glued down or as drop-in mats over fiberglass. Since most builders use custom styles designed specifically to coordinate with their interiors, it was fun to see so many Corinthian Marine products installed on the floors.  Seeing the finished product and how it works with all the other elements in the boat is an important part of our design process.  What is evident is this marine flooring is here to stay and the style options have expanded far beyond the original basket weave design.

Teak looks in non-traditional colorations are very popular along with the new plank styles that offer a very different look. While these styles are most often seen in pontoon boats, they also work well in other boat types as well.  The neutral colorations are an easy match to any interior.

There were also other woven patterns with subtle designs that added a classic look to the interior, some with a pop of color others were designed to accommodate both taupe and gray interiors.  Either way they were beautiful in the boats adding a touch of elegance to the boat décor.

Faux teak EVA foam was also popular particularly in the ski boat category.  While this is a functional product, we were not impressed with how easily it shows dirt. The designs of this material run the gamut from very basic teak patterns to intricate designs that make a major statement on the floor, often incorporating boat logos.

In carpeting, on the surface it appears to look the same. But we know that the construction has improved and is better wearing than ever.  On new boats there are beautiful mats with custom logos that add flair, color and softness underfoot.  Marine carpet is still a viable choice for certain boats.

If you have ever have the chance, head to Miami in February.  The Miami Show is paradise for boat lovers and dreamers alike.  It is the place to see everything boating in a beautiful setting.

For more information on Corinthian Marine’s latest flooring selections, click here.




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