A day rarely goes by that we don’t get asked that question.

While there is really no wrong answer there are some guidelines you should consider before deciding on you replacement boat carpet style.

There is only one hard and fast rule and that is the application. Is the carpet going to be directly glued to the boat floor, stapled to the deck, or converted into a snap-in mat? When the carpet is going to be permanently installed, either by gluing or stapling to the boat floor, the all loop Berber style is not a good option. The reason is the loops are formed from one continuous strand of yarn that can pull easily making it very difficult to seal the edge. Once a loop is pulled, there is no stopping it. Instead you will be looking at a hole in your carpet. Cut Piles, where you can get a clean edge and minimal fraying, are a much better choice for this application.

Corinthian Marine Carpet - Sterling Cut Pile Boat Carpet

Corinthian Marine Carpet – Sterling Cut Pile Boat Carpet

If the carpet is being converted into an AquaMat® or Snap-In boat mat, either style will work so there are other factors to consider about related to function and look:

How hard are you on your boat floor? Is there a lot of traffic in a concentrated area? Cut Piles have the tendency to matt down over time with wear patterns. Berbers offer slightly more resiliency and do not show traffic patterns to the same degree as Cut Piles.

How do you use your boat? Is there a lot of fishing going on? If so, the preference is often a Cut Pile where hooks won’t get caught and the carpet won’t get snagged. A snag in Berber is the same as a pull and could leave behind a hole. Obviously, it’s not great for your fishing equipment either.

Lastly, what is your style preference? For those traditionalists where replacement marine carpet should not deviate from the OEM specified material; lighter weight cut piles typically are used in fishing, ski and smaller runabouts. Higher end Cut Piles (32 oz and above) have been specified in higher ski boats, go fast boats and catamarans. At the other end of the spectrum, Berbers have become the standard for Cruisers and larger boats.

Corinthian Marine Carpet - Moonshine Berber Boat Carpet

Corinthian Marine Carpet – Moonshine Berber Boat Carpet

If you follow these simple guidelines regarding application and performance before making your final decision you won’t go wrong. But, if you are still not sure, one of our experts is standing by to assist you with your selection and to send a sample so you can see the carpet in your boat before you purchase.

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