The frequently asked questions listed below cover general topics related to boat flooring and should help you figure out where to start the process for your boat.

Marine grade carpet and flooring is designed to withstand the tough marine environment without fading or degrading. It is produced from PVC and/or solution dyed fibers enhanced with UV stabilizers that protect it from extreme sun, salt and moisture. The backings applied to marine flooring are also uniquely designed for the application – whether to wrap around pedestals and boat contours, or to lay on top of a finished fiberglass floor – the quality backings Corinthian applies are as important as the beautiful face of the flooring.

The team at Corinthian Marine has been involved in the design and manufacturing of marine carpet and flooring since the late 80’s. In fact, we were the first to develop the AquaMat® drop-in or snap-in boat mat system for fiberglass liner boats. We have been around the industry for a long time and have the most experience under our belts of any marine carpet and flooring aftermarket supplier. So, while you cannot buy life vests, fishing poles or other gear from Corinthian Marine, you can be confident that when you talk to us about boat flooring you are getting years of expertise. All of us are dedicated to what we do, which is making sure you get The Best Walk on Water®

This is the question that perplexes boat owners the most.  Before you check out colors and styles, it is vital that you determine whether you currently have glue down flooring or a boat mat. Hopefully, this simple comparison will help you figure out which is right for you, but if you aren’t sure, please contact us and we can help guide you in the right direction!

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Glue Down Marine Flooring is sold to replace boat flooring that has been glued to the boat floor. It is permanently adhered to the surface and cannot be easily removed. It must be “torn out” for replacement. New glue down marine flooring is designed to be cut on site and installed with an adhesive directly to the surface of the deck. Much of our glue down marine grade flooring is moldable for the contours of a boat and hatches but is not suitable for binding or snap-in boat mat applications.

Glue Down Flooring

AquaMat® Custom Fit Boat Mats are designed to lay on top of fiberglass liners and are usually held in place with snaps. They are cut to shape and bound on the edges. When you receive your new AquaMat® it will be ready to be placed directly onto your boat floor. Most of Corinthian Marine’s AquaMat® flooring utilizes our exclusive AquaLoc® backing that provides unbeatable durability and unparalleled skid and slip resistance.

AquaMat® Boat Mats

If the worn boat carpet is glued to the boat floor, replacement requires tearing out the existing boat carpet and installing the new marine carpet of a similar style and color. For more information, check out our Glue Down Flooring section.
Glue Down Flooring

Replacing a removable drop-in or snap-in mat is easier. You may template the existing mat if it is in good shape, make a new template from the boat floor (click here for our easy to follow template instructions) or select one from our template library. Corinthian will make an AquaMat® custom fit boat mat to your exact specifications.

There really is no wrong answer. The only vital considerations are your width requirements and whether you have tight fitting hatches or lids that may not close with higher pile boat carpet. Other things to consider are more based on your lifestyle, rather than boat type. Give us a call and our marine specialists will be happy to help you select the best marine carpet for your needs.

Corinthian Marine carpeting and flooring is easy to maintain. It requires occasional hosing off and vacuuming. When necessary, use a non-solvent based, high-quality carpet cleaner to remove stubborn stains, always being careful to remove all cleaner residues with water.  It’s also best to avoid pressure hoses and harsh bristle brushes (even nylon, if its too stiff – soft bristles only)

It depends.  The fibers and yarns will not promote mold or mildew growth on their own.  However, the right combination of organic matter (dirt and spills), moisture and trapped heat can cause mold or mildew growth. The simple solution is to clean up dirt and spills before you cover and put the boat away.

Some colors are hotter than others, however, most of our flooring is cooler than a bare fiberglass deck.  Heat absorption tests indicate there is some heat retained, however all flooring will retain heat in hot/sunny environments.

The cost to replace your boat floor depends on the size of the floor you want to cover and the type of material you select.  Corinthian prices by the square foot so you can calculate an estimate:

Direct Glue Down

Standard width of material you choose x length of the floor area you are covering (bow to stern) X sf price = Cost of material


Measure the length x the width of all the pieces nested together x sf price = Cost of an AquaMat®

Corinthian Marine has an estimator on each glue down product page to assist you in calculating cost, just plug in the length and the price will calculate for you based on your individual dimensions. Our specialists are happy to guide through the estimating process without any obligation or commitment on your part.

For a finished AquaMat® estimate, there are a lot of variables involved. Please contact our customer service department and we can do our best to quote or estimate the costs for you.

We understand this isn’t a project you do every day and it can be a bit confusing. We are here to help so hop on a chat with us, email, or give us a call: 866-785-6507 ext 500. 


The frequently asked questions shown below relate specifically to “snap-in” or “drop-in” style removeable mats.

You have lots of options! Contact us if you need help with any of these.

  1. Find your boat in our Template Library  ~Or~
  2. Check out our easy to follow DIY Template Instructions
  3. ~Or~ Click Here to Find a Dealer near you to have someone else do the work

Many are. And some are from our certified partners who are expert pattern makers.  Either way we will provide you with a drawing of the layout for your sign-off so you can see the exact specifications we will produce.

We do not install snaps in your new AquaMat® because snaps require exact placement to match up with existing studs.  We can sell them and offer a tool for rent to assist you.

For an even easier method, check out our exclusive Snapless Installation System.

AquaMat® Options

It is pretty easy to do – we have a loaner tool program that comes with instructions and a return shipping label! Call customer service at 866-785-6507 x500 for more information.

We want your AquaMat® to look beautiful when it is installed, and traditional snaps don’t always look the best. That’s why we invented a hook and loop attachment system just for the marine environment – the easiest AquaMat installation ever!  and it’s invisible!! Tried and proven by leading ski boat manufacturers. Here’s how it works:

1. We sew the hook and loop into the binding.

2. When you receive your mat, you lay it into the boat exactly as you want it.

3. You clean the fiberglass with rubbing alcohol in the areas where the Snapless System will stick to the floor.

4. Once the fiberglass is clean, you pull back the areas of the mat where the attachment is, peel off the “sticky” components and adhere them to the floor.

5. Let it cure for 24 hours and that’s it: a perfectly installed AquaMat that will stay in place. Yet it still can be removed for cleaning or drying or whatever you need.

Perfectly easy Snapless installation system!

Basic upkeep is the best defense to keep your AquaMat® carpet or flooring looking new. Maintain marine grade carpet face by hosing off or vacuuming regularly. Do not pressure wash.

Use a non-solvent based, high-quality carpet cleaner to remove stubborn stains, always being careful to remove all cleaner residues with water. We do not recommend any harsh chemicals such as bleach and suggest that you test in a small area first. If you use a bristle brush, make sure to use soft bristles only, especially with the new AquaWeave materials. Stiff bristles and hard scrubbing may damage the surface texture and coatings.

Lastly, an AquaMat® boat mat should dry completely before storing. When storing, always roll your AquaMat® boat mat carpet face out and NEVER fold.

These frequently asked questions are specific to flooring that is glued down or permanently adhered to the floor of your boat.

For the optimum installation it is best to replace the existing flooring with new flooring to a prepped floor – just like you would in your home. However in some cases you can opt to template the floor and purchase a removeable AquaMat to lay on top. This route works well to cover EVA foam installations.

To minimize any seams in your marine flooring, measure the length and width of the area to be covered. Be sure to add additional material for hull sides, locker areas, and under seats. Make sure the marine carpet and flooring you choose is wide enough to meet your requirements.

The questions below cover a broad range of topics not covered in the sections above.

We understand how important it is that you see your new marine carpet and flooring in your boat before making a decision. Whether you need samples for a new AquaMat®, or to glue down on your boat, you will find instructions directly above the color swatches. Basically, you just click on a picture of flooring you like and select the “Add Sample to Cart” button. Once you have the 3 you want, click the shopping cart icon and check out. Super Easy!!! You may request up to 3 boat flooring swatches for free. We know you will be impressed with our boat flooring quality and beauty.

AquaMat® Glue-Down

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We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase from us. Please let us know right away if there is a problem and follow these important steps.

Warranties and Returns

Corinthian does not promote a specific brand over another. Any marine supply or home supply store will have a water-based adhesive that will work for installing a direct glue flooring. You want to avoid solvent-based products for health reasons.

August 2023 Freight Policy Update
For AquaMat® shipments via FedEx: Most AquaMat® orders will ship for our standard flat rate of $109 to most addresses located in the continental United States. Some AquaMat® kits can be deemed oversize and will cost more to ship. For addresses located outside of the lower 48, and addresses in significantly high-cost freight areas, we will charge for shipping as we are billed.

For Cut Yardage shipments via FedEx: Some cut yardage orders can be shipped to the lower 48 via FedEx, given that they fit within the size and weight constraints. These shipments will be charged at $109-$178 per roll, depending on the destination. For addresses located outside of the lower 48, and addresses in significantly high-cost freight areas, we will charge for shipping as we are billed.

For Cut Yardage shipments via LTL: Most cut yardage orders can be shipped via LTL truck service, to a commercial address with loading dock or forklift on site, for $109. This standard rate applies for shipments of up to two rolls. Some areas may incur additional fees due to inaccessibility or service area restrictions. For addresses located outside of the lower 48, and addresses in significantly high-cost freight areas, we will charge for shipping as we are billed.

Special Area Notifications:
We have been monitoring geographical locations that cost significantly more than other areas. Rather than raise rates for all customers, these customers will be notated as Prepay and Add accounts where Corinthian will charge the exact rate we are billed by the carrier. If you fall into this category, you will be notified separately. We can always provide an estimate beforehand if you’d like one.

Shipping Policy

We are able to ship internationally, as well as to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. However, shipments to those locations are not included in our standard shipping policy. Read our full shipping policy here:

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