DIY Template Kit


DIY Template Kit

This DIY Template Kit contains everything you need to get started: instructions, an order form, pattern material (12' x 10'; reinforced 6mm vinyl), a marker, and a return mailing label.

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$50.00 / Each

Corinthian's custom Templating Instructions

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Basic Steps:

There are 2 sets of instructions below. Choose the option that best meets your situation.


OPTION 1: Trace Pattern from Existing Boat Mat


Lay template material flat on hard surface.


Lay existing marine mats on template material and trace each one carefully, avoiding any slipping or movement of mats.


Draw around pedestal seats, table holes and any other areas that you want covered. Use dash lines to indicate slits, such as access slits for table holes and hatch lid flaps.


OPTION 2: Create a New Marine Mat Template from Scratch


Lay template material on the floor of boat, arranging material to lie flat.


Draw or cut around edges of desired mat pieces. Be careful to avoid any slipping or movement of material.


Continue to draw or cut around pedestal seats, table holes and any other areas that you want carpeted. Use dash lines to indicate slits, such as access slits for table holes and hatch lid flaps.


Each piece of your template should have the following information:

  • Arrow showing direction of bow.
  • "Top" written on the side that will face up when complete.
  • Your Name and Phone Number.
  • Pieces included (marked as '1 of 3,' '2 of 3,' etc.)
  • Marine carpet color and style name

Cut template along lines you have drawn, including seats, table holes & bolsters. Do not cut access slits because it could distort the piece.

There will be a $150+ fee (check with fabrication team) for templates not cut out completely.

Reinstall the template on your boat to check for fit. This is the step most often skipped. Trust us. Test it. It is important!

Make sure the template lies flat, with no bubbles or wrinkles. Your new AquaMat® will be an exact representation of your template. Make any adjustments necessary before shipping.

For thick plastic, TyVek, or DuraSkrim template patterns, fold delicately and pack as best as you can. For Kraft Paper, or other paper templates, a shipping tube is recommended, but not required. 

Please fill out an order form and place on top of or with your template.

Send completed pattern to:

Corinthian Marine

ATTN: Custom AquaMat® Department

2000 SE Milport Road

Portland, OR 97222

Once we receive your template, you will be contacted with the final price. Production of your custom AquaMat® boat flooring will begin immediately upon your approval and will normally ship within 10 business days. Corinthian guarantees your custom AquaMat® boat flooring will mirror the provided template.



Corinthian Marine partners with certified companies to assist with AquaMat® templates and boat carpeting installation. Click below to learn more.


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