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  1. Scroll up and click on a flooring swatch you like
  2. Select “Add Sample to Cart” button
  3. The item will appear in the cart to the right. Cart can be opened any time by selecting the red shopping cart icon in upper right corner
  4. Add up to 3 samples
  5. “Checkout” when finished, or “Request a Quote” to receive a quote based on items chosen
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  1. After you have added samples to the cart, choose “Need a Quote”
  2. You will be taken to our “Boat Templates” page to search our pattern library for your boat’s Make and Model. If you find your boat, hit “Select This Template”
  3. The Sample/Quote Cart will reappear
  4. Click on “Options”, to add extras, such as upgraded binding or attachments. At the bottom of this page select “Submit Request”
  5. Confirm selections, complete form, and click “Submit Request and Proceed to Checkout”.
  6. This completes your quote request. Quotes will be emailed within 48 hours
  7. If you would like to receive free samples of the items selected for your quote, review your order and if click “Proceed to Checkout” to submit your information and finalize

If you don’t find your template you can still request a quote, just include as much info as you do have with the submission form

Why choose AquaMat® over the competition?

Corinthian Marine and AquaMat® is distinguished by experience and highest standards of quality. As the developer of removable boat mats, we have over 30 years’ experience working with boat builders as original providers of their boat mats. In many cases that means we have the original template and carpet selections still available. Our AquaLoc® backing, available on many styles, is famous in the industry for outlasting all others without ever melting to the deck or degrading, providing the longest possible lifespan for your new AquaMat®. With an AquaMat® from Corinthian Marine, you will have The Best Walk on Water.


The Corinthian Experience

At Corinthian Marine, we put our customers first and foremost. When it comes to design and manufacturing, we strive to provide you with the perfect experience. Our marine specialists are able to guide you throughout the process. No matter what design you may have in mind, we give you flexibility and total creative control, so you can create the perfect marine mat.

Corinthian Quality

We believe that quality should never go overlooked. That is why we manufacture all of our AquaMat® flooring, ensuring we are there at every step of the project. When you require custom marine carpet or marine flooring, we are here to turn your dream into a reality.

Why Corinthian

Carpet Mariner Blue 1998 Baja 272 Islander – Inlay

“Corinthian Marine has far exceeded my expectations. Far superior than the factory Baja carpets, no snaps required due to the backing’s non skid characteristics. I am very impressed in the quality and there is no noticeable seam work in the logo assembly on the backing. Great job. Thank you again.”

— Brad Understad – Spring Hill, Florida: 1998 Baja 272 Islander View All Testimonials

“The carpet turned out really great, the owners and customers love it. The fit is perfect and super comfortable. It adds a very nice touch and looks classy. The Silver Mist was a good choice for this boat. I was going to install a couple of snaps at the cockpit end, but the carpet has such good weight and lays so well, snaps were not needed. Thanks again for the great product and quick service.”

— Capt. John Jordan View All Testimonials

“I ordered carpet for my 3860 Regal. The order was completed and arrived sooner than expected. The carpet was luxurious and fit perfectly. The binding was finished to a factory standard. It was a pleasure dealing with you. I would definitely recommend Corinthian.”

— Warner Tureauc – New Orleans, Louisiana: 3860 Regal View All Testimonials

DIY Template Kit

Follow these easy instructions and get everything you need to create your own template.


Corinthian Marine partners with certified companies to assist with AquaMat® templates and boat carpeting installation. Click below to learn more.


Can't seem to find the color or design you want? We're here to help!

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