The colors you see around you in automobiles, boats, clothing, furniture, household goods and a million other items are not chosen at the random whim of a product designer who opts for their personal favorite.  Color trends are carefully studied by professionals across the globe from a variety of industries. These professionals join forces annually to collaborate and interpret color trends as influenced by the world around us. For example, colors that were popular during the pandemic will shift as we act differently than we did during those years.  Topics like climate change and desire for wellness influence our viewpoints. The pros then build a palette and forecast of which colors will be key in our ever-changing world.

The current trend driving color change is the desire to go back to our own heritage, own culture, and individualistic styles.  Colors are becoming warmer, softer, and more muted.  You will see more greens than blue, soft red and purples, colors with golden hues and deep rich grays.

In the case of Corinthian Marine flooring, these color shifts also impact our design direction.  In general, boat flooring tends to stay neutral overall so that it can easily coordinate with the boat interior – typically the seat vinyl and piping. The flooring is designed to complement, to be an accompaniment to a grander color scheme.  As such, the new colors will shift away from a cooler palette to warmer grays and browns, away from bright silvers to rich, sparkly gold accents.

Look around you – are you seeing more greens? Do you notice a shift in colors from pre-2020 to now?  Color is a business – the colors you see in the goods around you are selected in expectation that they resonate with you the consumer. 

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