Marine carpet is inherently stain resistant because it is manufactured from solution-dyed Polypropylene fibers. That’s a good thing because any carpet in a boat takes a lot of abuse in a very concentrated area. To keep the carpet in your boat looking good for as long as possible, follow these steps:

1.  Vacuum regularly to remove dirt from the surface. Carpet is prone to staining when particles become embedded over time.

2.  Before cleaning your marine carpet, vacuum it to remove any loose dirt or particles.

3.  Clean with standard carpet cleaner being sure to follow their instructions for spot testing first.

4.  For spot cleaning:

  • When there is a spill or a stain, it should be treated as soon as possible.
  • For wet spills, blot the area to remove excess liquid. Treat as soon as possible with a standard carpet cleaner solution (follow their directions for spot testing first).
  • For a dry stain, vacuum it first.
  • After you have rinsed the residue off, blot dry.

5.  The key to successfully cleaning your boat carpet and in removing a stain is to be sure all the soap residue is rinsed off. If you leave any residue, it will draw more particles that will attach to the carpet fibers causing the stain to reappear.

6.  Anytime you get the carpet in your boat wet or after cleaning, you want to let it dry thoroughly before covering or storing in an enclosed area. Remember that basic maintenance of your marine carpet is the easiest way to keep it looking good. Residue of any kind will attract more soiling and the more time it has to set, the harder it is to clean.

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