Versatility is an excellent quality for any product that you are looking to purchase.  A backing that can be successfully adapted and used in several different applications on your boat is extraordinary.  HydraFelt™ is that backing!  It is a marine grade backing developed by Corinthian Marine that bridges the gap between glue-in carpet and drop-in/snap-in removable mats. Let’s consider what makes HydraFelt™ backing so versatile and truly unique in the marine flooring marketplace, and if it’s the right backing for you and your boat.


With a beautiful AquaWeave™ (woven vinyl) top in a variety of colors and patterns, including many teak options, HydraFelt™ backing can be used in your boat in several different ways with equally great results.  One of the important uses of HydraFelt™ is as a glue-in alternative to marine carpet. With an appropriate solvent free marine grade adhesive, installation is relatively simple.  HydraFelt™ can also be used as a removable drop-in or snap-in mat.  AquaWeave™ with HydraFelt™ mats are lighter in weight than other available options making them easy to handle. The streamline width of these mats from top to bottom makes them an excellent choice where door or cupboard clearance may be an issue.   Another successful use of HydraFelt™ backing is as a DIY option where you cut to fit the AquaWeave™ to cover over older glue-in carpet that you don’t want to rip out. If you have older glue-in carpet that is still in good condition on the sides or walls (but not on the floor), then you can pick out an AquaWeave™ with HydraFelt™ backing that


complements your carpet and install it only on the floor. You can also use this same idea if you cut to fit the AquaWeave™ and place it on your floors to serve like your auto mats do in your car.  This helps save your existing glue-in carpet on your boat from age, dirt, wear, and deterioration.

So, what exactly is HydraFelt™?  Simply put, HydraFelt™ is a urethane foam that is covered with a non-woven felt.  The urethane foam is applied using a liquid process that is then followed by the marine grade felt.  This liquid fusion process is unique to Corinthian Marine HydraFelt™.  You may find poor imitations that look like HydraFelt™ backing in the marketplace, but none of them use this method developed by Corinthian Marine.  Why is this liquid fusion process so important?  Liquid fusion provides a superior bond to simple lamination of the backing to the face material.  The superior bond makes it highly unlikely that the urethane foam will pull away or delaminate from the face material.  When an inferior product delaminates, the result can cause the face material to wrinkle, stretch out of shape, and possibly tear.  There is no way to fix this problem.  That’s why it’s so important to buy genuine HydraFelt™ from Corinthian Marine!

HydraFelt™ provides a nice cushion underfoot whether you purchase a removable mat or choose a glue-in application for your boat flooring needs.  Of course, the same excellent cushioning applies to DIY cut to fit applications over existing carpet.  Our customers have told us over the years that other drop-in or snap-in mat products backed with exposed, raw foam deteriorate over time causing a migrating mess of foam crumbles all over the deck of their boats.  Abrasion from the non-skid pattern on the floor combined with direct exposure to air and the elements cause the foam to deteriorate and crumble.  You can rest assured that this will not happen with HydraFelt™ because the non-woven felt covers the foam and protects it — stopping this process from happening.  Of course, it also protects your deck and prevents crumbling foam from getting trapped within the skid pattern like so many other products.  Who wants to clean up that mess?  You don’t!

It is important to note that HydraFelt™ is very fast drying.  Afterall, this is a marine grade backing and was designed with the expectation that it would encounter water on your boat.  HydraFelt™ holds much less water than a foam backing alone.  The non-woven felt layer protects the cushioning foam, so it acts like a barrier to water.  Raw foam alone will act like a sponge and attract water while HydraFelt™ repels it.  If your removable mats get wet, you can easily hang them up to air dry.  Glue-in applications of AquaWeave™ with HydraFelt™ backing, as seen on newer pontoon boats, can also stand up to the elements and are quick drying as well.


When fully exploring all the ways HydraFelt™ backing can be used as marine flooring on your boat, is it any wonder that boaters like you are seriously considering purchasing this product with its unique qualities for their next marine flooring project?  Versatility and flexibility are hallmarks of HydraFelt™ backing and, when combined with a stunning AquaWeave™ facing, you have the ability to upgrade your marine flooring and really have a product that will give you many years of superior service while meeting your needs for functionality and stylish good looks.

If you are considering whether AquaWeave™ with HydraFelt™ backing is the right marine flooring for your specific boat application, then please contact Corinthian Marine and let an experienced representative assist you with any questions or concerns you might have.  We are here to insure you have a great experience with marine flooring.  Let us show you why we have the reputation of being the Best Walk on Water.


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