Choosing the Right Boat Carpet for Cruisers

So, it’s time to replace that worn out snap in carpet. This type of boat has so much carpet that on the downside a worn out snap-in carpet can be an eyesore and detract from the beauty of the boat. But new drop-in carpet can really enhance the styling and make the interior look new.

There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing a new AquaMat® for a cruiser. Since just about any carpet style can work there are a lot of factors to consider: boat make, interior styling, how the boat is used and most important personal taste. Of course, the simple solution is to replace the old snap-in mat with the same carpet as the original. Usually, it is an all loop or berber carpet in a neutral color. The advantage here is this carpet is still available and it works well –the styling is neutral and it is very durable.

But there are other options. Basic cut piles in a coordinating color are a good value choice, especially if the boat is used for a water activities including fishing where the deck really takes a beating. Upgrade options such as a 40 oz carpet make the deck as soft underfoot as a home carpet and is one of the most premium products available. Another option is a step up from the basic berber to a patterned berber – while still in the neutral color family, the patterned berber has a little more pizazz while offering classic styling. Last but not least the latest trend in drop-in mat styling is the “teak” look carpet. This product is ultra-plush, incredibly durable, and all around just beautiful on a large deck. Click here for more information.

A new AquaMat® is an investment. Be sure to look at all of the choices and sample your favorites. That way the exact carpet can be evaluated on the boat before a final decision is made. Good luck!