Choosing the Right Marine Carpet for your Ski Boat

Unlike any other style of boat, ski boats run the gamut of sleek and sophisticated to wild and edgy. Usually, the ski boat carpet is pretty basic in comparison. However, unlike most other boats, ski boat carpet takes a beating in very concentrated areas and often “uglies” out long before you are ready to replace your boat. So, there a couple of options to consider when your carpet gets to that point depending on the original carpet in the boat. If the boat has a fiberglass liner, and you are replacing a snap in mat, all you need to do is send in a pattern for a new mat. If the carpet is not removable, you will need to decide if you want to rip it out, or get a mat to go over top and cover it up. Once you have that figured out, you need to decide:

  • Did you like the original carpet when it was new?
  • Was the color and / or style exactly what you want? Or, do you want a new look?
  • Is there an accent color in your boat you want to match?

Once you know exactly what you want, selecting the right boat carpet is pretty easy. Remember, you must choose marine grade carpet not any old carpet from the flooring store down the street. I would also recommend staying away from berber and loop carpets for a ski boat – they just don’t fit the style of the boat. Cut piles are the way to go or a tip shear that would add just a little texture and disguise some of the traffic pattern. There are a lot of quality options from basic to ultra plush for the ultimate feeling under foot. Because marine carpet is engineered for that environment, it can get wet, sandy, sit in the sun….it’s tough enough to take it.

An excellent source to start the process of choosing new ski boat carpet is on our website.

On the site you can sort by color and or style so that you can narrow down the options to make the selection process easier. I suggest you try samples in your boat before you purchase to be sure that you are getting the exact color and style you want. Not only do computer monitors vary, the different elements in your boat could affect how the color looks.

Good luck and happy boat carpet shopping!