Choosing the Right Marine Carpet for your Yacht

When selecting a new marine carpet for your yacht, you want style and luxury underfoot worthy of your craft. Finding a quality marine carpet to match the quality of your boat can be challenging.

Typically the carpet on a yacht exterior is a snap-in AquaMat® – the carpet is removable, sometimes it is snapped in place, and always has an edge finish. Like an area rug on a hardwood floor, snap-in AquaMats serve to provide comfort, cushion, and sound absorption as well as offer an aesthetic touch.

There are a few questions you should think about before selecting the right marine carpet for your boat:

  • If there was carpet on the floor, how well did the current carpet hold up?
  • Were there traffic patterns or lots of stains in certain areas?
  • Did you like the color or style when it was new?
  • Do you want a new look?
  • Are you looking for performance or function in your new mat?

Once you have answers to the above, the process of selecting the right boat carpet is pretty easy. The choice is very personal – color options can range from the very neutral to bright and bold. You can choose to match your canvas, seat piping, or fabric. There is no wrong answer!
Certain styles such as berbers and heavier weight cut piles are the more typical style choice for yachts because they are premium marine carpets more suited to the type of boat. What about a “teak” look? There are carpets available that simulate the look of a teak floor. If you want a more economical, functional choice, a tip shear is a great option – with a subtle pattern it wears very well. You do want to select a UV stabilized marine grade carpet not just any residential carpet otherwise the carpet will disintegrate leaving behind a major mess.

You can start shopping by checking out our site:

There you find the best selection of premium quality marine carpets available anywhere. Free samples are available so that you can test out the different options in your boat.

Once you finalize your carpet selection you may contact our customer service department for guidance on turning your carpet choice into a finished AquaMat®, custom made for just for your boat.