Choosing the Right Marine Carpet

1. First, you need to decide if your carpet is a snap-in, removable mat (AquaMat) or permanently adhered to the floor (Glue Down). There are products designed specifically for each application but not all products will work for both. For example you can’t (or shouldn’t) glue a berber to your floor. But a berber is an excellent choice for a Snap-In AquaMat®. You will also need to consider the type of boat you have. Berbers are usually not the best style for ski boats but really fit a Cruiser.

2. Once you have determined the type of product you are looking for, finished AquaMat® or Marine-carpet-by-the-foot, you need to think about whether you want to match the original floor or change the look entirely. There is no right or wrong answer; it is purely your decision. If you are seeking a different look, you can achieve that through a style (similar color, different texture) or color change. You can view products by color or style.

3. So, now you’ve decided you want to change the look. Definitely a color change and maybe a style change too. To narrow down your options, browse our website to see the options available dependent on your application. Go ahead and order free samples of the products you think would work. We really want you to be sure about your purchase, so try them out in your boat. That way, you’ll know for sure and free is a good price, right?