Choosing the Right Marine Flooring for Your Fishing Boat

Choosing the Right Marine Flooring for Your Fishing Boat

Trying to determine which type of marine flooring is best for a fishing boat?  

Fishing boats can use AquaMat® snap-in boat carpet or glue down boat carpet depending on the floor the boat currently has (sometimes you can use both: glue down on the hull sides and snap-in on the floor).   

If your fishing boat currently has a fiberglass liner or vinyl floor (i.e. aluminum boats and salt-water boats),  AquaMat® snap-in boat carpet is the best option for you.  
If your fishing boat has a wood floor or previously glued-in carpet (i.e. bass boats), it’s probably best to replace your flooring with glue down boat carpet. 

Below, we’ll go into more detail about the two different types of marine flooring we suggest: AquaMat® and glue-down carpet.  

Fishing Boat Flooring Option #1: AquaMat® snap-in boat carpet 

As we mentioned above, there are two main categories of marine carpet,  AquaMat®, snap-in boat carpet and glue down boat carpet.   
AquaMat® drop in boat mats are the best option for fishing boats with fiberglass liners or vinyl floors, because they can be easily installed via snaps or through a snapless installation method.  
Either way, these mats are easy to install and remove, preventing any long-term damage to the fiberglass or vinyl flooring of your boat.   
Regardless of your boat’s make or model, AquaMat® comes in a variety of standard boat templates and can also be completely customized to fit your boat’s layout.   
Note: If you want carpet on the hull sides (or are replacing carpet on the hull sides), you will need glue down boat carpet.  

Fishing Boat Flooring Option #2: Glue Down Marine Carpet   

If your fishing boat has wood floors or you previously had glue down carpet, your best option is to install new glue down carpet. 
While glue down carpet does take longer to replace/install than AquaMat® flooring, it is also a great choice for a fishing boat.   
Glue down carpet comes in a variety of different patterns and textures and can be customized to fit your  particular boat’s specifications.   
If you’re still unsure about the type of flooring you want to install or you just want to get the opinion of a professional, we’d be happy to help you out! You can learn more about our different marine flooring options or reach out to us directly!