Does Boat Carpet need Stain Treatments?

The simple answer is no.

Virtually 100% of all exterior boat carpeting is manufactured from solution dyed Polypropylene. The process of creating the fiber is called solution dying. It begins with a formula of color pellets which are melted together in a ratio to achieve a certain color. During this process the UV inhibitors are also added. The liquid is then extruded into a continuous fiber that is spun into yarn which is converted to carpet. Because the color is embedded into the fiber, there are no receptors on the fiber or yarn to accept stains or stain topical treatments. In other yarn manufacturing processes, such as carpet for your home, the yarn is made white then dipped in dye baths to achieve color. That yarn actually has receptor sites all over it to grab the color. Unfortunately, those dye sites can also grab a stain which is why these carpets often have branded stain treatments –such as Stainmaster® or Scotchguard®.

There is no fiber that is impervious to stains, but solution dyed Polypropylene is pretty close. As always, follow the standard cleaning guidelines to enhance the life of your boat carpet.