Does the Backing for Snap-In AquaMats Really Matter?

Why is the backing for Snap-In AquaMats Different?

A removable boat mat designed to withstand the marine environment is truly a unique application in the carpet world. After all, there is no other place where the carpet gets wet; gets exposure to the sun and rubs against a rough floor. It’s a crazy blend between an area rug for the home and an outdoor entry mat with the added intricacy of a custom shape designed to fit exactly. A product with those challenges has to be engineered to handle the special circumstances of the marine atmosphere – with one of the key features being the backing. Other carpet backings cannot handle the moisture and will rot. Or they cannot handle the abrasiveness of the non-skid that the boat mat rests on and eventually crumble leaving a huge mess in their wake. And still others aren’t made with enough stability and over time will shrink and or stretch sending the custom fit, well, overboard.

So the backing of a Snap-In AquaMat® is designed to be different to handle all of the marine conditions while maintaining its custom fit. AquaLoc is the premier backing in the industry that encompasses all of the needs of a removable mat:

It is slip resistant so that it stays in place with fewer snaps.

It is incredibly tough so it won’t crumble or disintegrate when it rubs on the abrasive fiberglass non-skid deck.

And it isn’t affected by the environment – it can get wet, it can take heat and sunlight and will not shrink or stretch over time.

The mat will stay tough for years of wear and tear. As we say, the carpet “uglies out” long before the backing ever breaks down.

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