Ever Wonder How a Boat Mat is Made?

Experience and precision are the two most important factors when making a finished snap in boat mat or carpet runner. The first step in making a boat mat depends on whether the new mat is to be made from an electronic pattern or a physical pattern.  The most precise way is from a digitized pattern that is read by an electronic cutting system and cut to the exact specifications in the drawing. However, an excellent job can be done with a physical pattern. In that case, all of the pieces to the pattern are laid out on the backside of the carpet.  They must be laid straight and flat with all pieces orientated in the same direction. This is important because carpet has “pile” direction and looks different from side to side and front to back.  If pieces are orientated incorrectly, they will look like they were made from different color carpets.

Next, the pattern is traced very carefully utilizing a straight edge in certain areas. Every hatch, access slit, table hole is carefully marked.  After the pattern has been traced, it is then cut out.  Checking against the template to be sure it is exactly the same.

Once the pieces are cut, the next step is binding.  A finished edge not only looks nice, it helps the mat keep its shape and not unravel or come apart. Binding with a lock stitch is critical for durability.  Often times a chain stitch is used which will pull out if caught, causing the binding to come off.

After the edge treatment is put on, the mat is cleaned, and re-measured against the template or file dimensions. And voila, the new mat is finished – not a lot of science to it.  Just experience and precision through every step to ensure the new custom carpet runner will fit exactly as specified.