FedEx Shipping Update November 2022: On 10/3/22 FedEx began implementing their “Peak Season” surcharge on every shipment. Some of which we will absorb, however we will have to pass along the $68.75 oversize fee. This surcharge is in addition to our standard flat rate of $109 and will continue through 1/13/23 on all Fed Ex shipments.


At Corinthian Marine, we make every effort to keep costs down and reliable for our dealers. As such we have been hit over the past 18 months with exorbitant rising freight costs – rising at unprecedented rates and so randomly that we have been challenged on how to put forth a fair policy for all our customers.  Furthermore, we are burdened by accessorial fees that we often challenge, but to no avail. To that end we are establishing a new policy, effective March 1st, 2022 that should capture these escalating costs in an equitable manner:


Our preferred method of shipping.  The current standard rate will continue to apply for all cuts and mat shipments.  The $109 fee is PER cut and/or mat regardless of Ship To area.

During peak season as identified by Fed Ex there may additional charges including oversize fees that we will pass along. In these instances, we will do our best to notify you in advance.

LTL / Freight:

When order size exceeds Fed EX limitations, we ship via freight carrier. The current standard $109 rate will apply for cut and mat shipments with a cap of two items per $109 fee.  No longer can we accept multi roll orders (more than 2) for a single fee.

LTL / Freight shipments require a loading dock and commercially designated address to avoid additional fees. Any additional fees incurred by Corinthian will be passed along.

Special Area Notifications:

We have been monitoring geographical locations that cost significantly more than other areas. Rather than raise rates for all customers, these customers will be notated as prepay and add accounts where Corinthian will charge the exact rate we are billed by the carrier. If you fall into this category, you will be notified separately.

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