The cost to replace your boat floor depends on the size of the floor you want to cover and the type of material you select.  Corinthian prices by the square foot so you can calculate an estimate:

Direct Glue Down

Standard width of material you choose x length of the floor area you are covering (bow to stern) X sf price = Cost of material


Measure the length x the width of all the pieces nested together x sf price = Cost of an AquaMat®

Corinthian Marine has an estimator on each glue down product page to assist you in calculating cost, just plug in the length and the price will calculate for you based on your individual dimensions. Our specialists are happy to guide through the estimating process without any obligation or commitment on your part.

For a finished AquaMat® estimate, there are a lot of variables involved. Please contact our customer service department and we can do our best to quote or estimate the costs for you.

We understand this isn’t a project you do every day and it can be a bit confusing. We are here to help so hop on a chat with us, email, or give us a call: 866-785-6507 ext 500.