How to Clean and Maintain Your AquaMat® Floors

Maintaining your AquaMat® is important to increasing the longevity of your boat’s flooring. Well maintained AquaMat® kits can last over 20 years! Below are a few tips and tricks to keeping your flooring looking it’s best.

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Maintaining AquaWeave™ AquaMat® Floors

AquaWeave™ material is the easiest marine flooring to clean and maintain on the market! Stain and UV resistance is built into the material using state of the art technology. Most stains or dirt can be cleaned off easily by hosing off your AquaWeave™ AquaMat® with a garden hose. (Never use a pressure washer with an AquaMat®)

For stains or sticky residue that persists after a gentle hose off, any marine approved cleaner will work! Here is a list of the best we’ve found thus far:

  • Meguiar’s M43 Boat Wash
  • Simple Green Marine All Purpose Boat Cleaner
  • 3M Perfect-it Boat Wash
  • Star Brite Boat Wash
  • 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner

Don’t forget, Solvent Based or Acidic Cleaners Should Not Be Used with AquaWeave™

Any of these, in conjunction with a soft-bristled brush will make quick work of any pesky spots.

After cleaning, make sure to hang your AquaMat® in the sun, where they can fully dry out, before storing or placing them back in the boat.

For storage, we always recommend rolling the mats face out, and laying flat, rather than on end.

Maintaining Marine Carpet AquaMat® Floors

Marine carpet is inherently stain resistant because it is manufactured from solution-dyed Polypropylene fibers. You will want to regularly clean and maintain your marine carpet to keep your boat’s flooring looking good for as long as possible!

Step 1: Vacuum

Vacuum your carpet regularly to remove dirt from the surface. Carpet is the most prone to staining when particles become embedded over time. Before deep cleaning your marine carpet, vacuum it to remove any loose dirt or particles.

Step 2: Spot Clean

If, after vacuuming, any stains or discolorations remain, we recommend spot cleaning. A few general spot cleaning tips to remember:

  • When there is a spill or a stain, treat it as soon as possible
  • For wet spills, blot the area to remove excess liquid
  • For a dry stain, vacuum it first

To spot clean your marine carpet, there are a variety of different methods you can use:

  1. Use a multi-purpose cleaner to spot clean a specific area. You can even use degreaser for those stubborn stains caused by grease or oil as long as it does not have any harsh solvents. Make sure to presoak and rinse the carpet for best results.
  2. Treat it with your own solution. Using plain vinegar mixed with water is a classic cleaning trick. Mix 40oz of white vinegar to 1 gallon of water. Spray or pour onto the area you wish to clean and let soak until the carpet is fully saturated. Use a medium bristle brush and scrub gently. Be sure to thoroughly rinse after cleaning.
  3. To remove difficult stains such as fish blood, you can use cold water and mild dish soap. Apply to the affected area and let soak. Avoid hot water (this can make the stain permanent). Blot with a towel or sponge. You can follow up with a soft-medium bristle brush and scrub after first or second soak. Rinse the area completely and repeat.
  4. Baking soda can be a huge help to remove odors such as wet dog or that fishy seawater smell. It can also assist in removing some stains. Lightly mist the carpet first, then sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over it. The longer you let it sit, the more absorbent it will be (3 hours minimum- can be left overnight). Return after allowing the baking soda to work and vacuum it up.

The key to successfully cleaning your boat carpet and in removing a stain is to be sure all the soap/cleaning residue is rinsed off.  

If you leave any residue, it will draw more particles that will attach to the carpet fibers causing the stain to reappear.

Step 3: Clean with standard carpet cleaner.

If none of the above methods are successful for spot cleaning or you want to clean your entire marine carpet, you can try using a standard carpet cleaner (be sure to follow their instructions).

Step 4: Let your carpet dry

Anytime you get the carpet in your boat wet or after cleaning, you want to let it dry thoroughly before covering or storing in an enclosed area.

Remember that basic maintenance of your marine carpet is the easiest way to keep it looking good. Residue of any kind will attract more soiling and the more time it has to set, the harder it is to clean.

Lastly, remember to never fully submerge or soak your AquaMat®!

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Originally Published May 22nd 2019
Updated April 11th 2023
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