How To Re-Carpet Boat Trailer Bunks

How To Re-Carpet Boat Trailer Bunks

Re-covered Trailer Bunks


Your boat trailer most likely has carpeted covered boards called bunks that protect the hull of your boat during transportation, loading and unloading of your boat.  

While the carpet is mildew and mold resistant, it will wear out over time.   

However, replacing your boat trailer carpet is a fairly easy process and can be done in less than a day.   

Below, we’ll discuss exactly what tools you’ll need to re-carpet your boat trailer and the step-by-step process you should take.   

The tools you need to re-carpet your boat trailer bunk  

The process of re-carpeting your boat trailer bunk is pretty simple, and you will need very few tools to complete the project, including:  

  • Some fine grade sandpaper 
  • A heavy-duty staple gun and staples 
  • Needle nose pliers or a screwdriver to help remove the old staples or screws 
  • A utility knife to cut the carpet 
  • A tape measure 
  • Some trailer bunk carpet —You can purchase our 16 oz Cut Pile carpet and cut it or you can purchase pre cut trailer bunk carpet at a marine retailer. It is important to use marine grade carpet for this project because of its resistant to mold and mildew as well as having UV protection, thereby increasing its longevity.

Note: Before you begin re-carpeting, just remember the boat cannot be on the trailer while you replace the carpet so be sure you store your boat elsewhere or keep it in the water during this project.   

How to re-carpet your boat trailer bunk 

Step 1: Strip away the old carpet and remove any remaining staples or screws that were holding down the old carpeting.   

Step 2: Once the wooden bunks are revealed, inspect them for any signs of damage or rot and replace them if necessary. Replace any old rusty hardware as well if necessary; be sure to take the parts with you to the hardware store to make sure you get the right sizes.   

Step 3: Lightly sand the bunks with the sandpaper to make sure there are no rough edges that could cut through the new carpet. 

Step 4: Measure the dimensions of the bunks and add 3 inches to each dimension. Trace these to the back of the new carpet and cut 2 pieces out using the utility knife.  

Step 5: Drape the carpet over the bunks lining up the edges and keeping the carpet centered. Keep the seam on the bottom side away from the side that contacts the boat, and not on the same side that the bunks attach to the frame.  

Step 6: Hold the carpet in place and use the staple gun to secure the carpet. Staple every 2 to 3 inches starting at one edge and working to the other. Only staple the bottom and sides of the bunk. You don’t want to scratch the finish on your boat from a staple that might sit a little too high. Fold over the edges of the carpet before stapling them and cut away the excess carpet with the utility knife. This will keep the new carpet from catching or tearing.  

Step 7: Maintain your trailer! You have invested a lot of money into your boat and maintenance is an important component to keeping it in top shape. Maintenance of your trailer is just as important as maintaining your boat to help protect your investment during transportation, loading and unloading.  

If you notice that your boat carpeting needs a refresh in addition to your trailer, reach out to us! We have a variety of different carpeting options, and we’d be happy to help you find the best option for your boat and budget. Learn more about our boat flooring options or reach out to us!