Marine Trends for 2024 & 2025

Now that boat show season has wrapped up, we have sorted out the trends that consistently stand out amongst all types of boat categories. From the pacific northwest to the southern tip of Florida, designers are trying something new to grab your attention.  Three trends in boat design and finish that stand out are in color, upholstery and finish.

Trend 1 – Color Blue

Dabbling in hull color is not new however, never has there been so much of one color. While blue seemingly is the obvious choice to evoke marine vibes and has been used forever on interiors, this year, it stands out in the range of blue hues and the placement on hull sides.  Hues ranging from traditional, deep mariner blue to lighter, softer shades, the color is seemingly the ultimate replacement to the traditional whites. Blue is the perfect boating color and is known for symbolizing serenity and open spaces.  Why not bring it from the interior to the exterior?

Trend 2 – Matte Finish

We are all familiar with the high gloss, shiny finishes as well as the uber sparkly, glittery surfaces of boats over the years.  This year, matte finish is making an appearance – both on fiberglass hull sides and pontoon boat fences.  The finish is more subdued than glistening, yet it stands out for its sophisticated look. It is mostly non-reflective so even in the brightest of sunlight there is no glare off the boat side.

Trend 3 – Quilted Upholstery

Boat designers have borrowed this trend from the automotive industry.  Quilted seats and benches in boats this year are everywhere. Quilting when not overdone can subtly add just a bit of pizzaz to the interior décor without adding too much contrasting color. It is an added touch of sewing the seat material into a designer specific pattern that coordinates with other elements in the boat interior. 

The prevalence of these design elements this year stood out across every boat segment – pontoon boats to saltwater fish boats, mega yachts and cruisers to runabouts and deck boats.  They were a bright spot in boating design trends.  It will be fun to watch what direction the designers take next year!