My Boat Name in My Snap-In Boat Carpet, Really?

Is that possible? The answer is yes, along with most any other design idea you might have for a Snap-In AquaMat®.  You can include anything from a special design that matches the gel coat graphics or interior styling of the boat, a company or personal logo, family name, boat name, or just about anything – the sky is the limit.

A technique often used to customize Snap-In boat mats is called a custom inlay.  An inlay uses different color marine carpets inset into a background carpet.  Unlike embroidery and patches, inlays allow larger scale designs and can even be incorporated into the entire Snap-In Boat Carpet.

The first step in creating a custom inlay Snap-In Boat Carpet is to transfer the design into an Auto CAD drawing so that it can be modified to fit the shape and size of the boat mat. In creating the graphic placement, consideration should be given to seat positions, table holes, engine hatches, and pieces of the mat set.

Once the design has been placed, it will be cut on an electronic machine to ensure the design is cut exactly as specified.  Different color carpets are swapped out so that each component of the design is accurately cut.  Next, the different pieces of the graphic are assembled together very similar to finishing a puzzle.  They are then glued into place from the back.

After the design is set, the special AquaLoc marine mat backing system is laminated to the carpet.  This backing system is a critical component for a boat mat in the marine environment.  It is engineered to resist water and stay in place on the fiberglass liner. Most importantly it will not crumble or disintegrate over time.
Once the lamination process is complete, the marine carpet will cure for 24 hours.  Next, the boat carpet with the inlay makes another visit to the cutting machine for precision cutting of the actual mat shape.  It is then bound with the selected edge treatment of vinyl or canvas binding.

The final step in the process is hand finishing. Every custom inlay Snap-In AquaMat® is hand-carved by design artisans for a polished look. Carving cleans up the design seams and provides added dimension to the graphic. Every custom inlay is a work of art and unique in its design.

Check out some of these examples to get your creative juices flowing and soon you’ll be on your way to your own customized Snap-In Boat Carpet: