Need holiday gift ideas for the boater in your family?

Looking for a holiday gift for the boater in the family?

There are all kinds of great ideas, from a gift card, to a 30′ Sea Ray. Assuming we’re not all going to go out and buy a new boat, we’ve compiled a small list of holiday gift ideas for boat owners of all ages. Some of these gifts are pretty basic and practical, while others will help to add a little bit of personal ‘flavor’ to your old (or new) vessel. We’d love to keep this list growing, so feel free to post comments below, and send us your suggestions!

New Towable Tube: These toys come in all shapes and sizes, and can range from $30 to $700. At any size, it’s sure to create all kinds of fun on the water for the entire family.

Pre-paid Gas Card: Boring? Thoughtless? Well, maybe, but I don’t think any boater would complain about FREE gas the next time they head out to the lake and see the $100 tab at the gas pump.

Doggy Life Jackets: For the dog lover in the family, or just the dog. These come in all sizes and colors. They range from $5 to $50. Keep the dog in the family safe, and get him a neon colored life jacket.

Custom Snap-In AquaMat: Nothing takes away from the classiness and cleanliness of a boat, than some nasty, fraying, worn-out carpet! This is a simple and easy way for a boat owner to spruce up some aging interior and really impress their friends on the next boating trip. Not sure about color, size or model year? No worries, hook your boater up with a gift certificate, and leave the rest to Corinthian Marine!

Wetsuits and Drysuits: The water can get a bit chilly at times. Wetsuits are great if you want to get in an early season ski/wakeboard session. Its also great if you want to go diving of the coast. No matter where you’re using your boat, a wetsuit or drysuit can keep you warm in the water.

Boat Detail Kit: Not only are boat owners obsessed with their boats, they are obsessed with cleaning and detailing ‘em! Have fun and get creative with this one—Grab some marine wax, drying towels, & vinyl cleaner and put together a cool little detail ‘kit’!

Step Mat: Easy, simple, affordable. Keep dirt where it belongs—on the dock, not the boat! Any boat owner would love one or two of these step mats to throw down on the dock before their passengers step on board.

Logbook: A staple in boating tradition and a highly affordable and useful gift. Go basic or take it to the next level and get a personalized cover with the Captain’s name engraved on it.