A true revolution in marine flooring systems. Our AquaWeave™ is a combination of the best vinyl and marine carpet yarns, woven together to add depth and texture. HydraFelt™ backing, a new system that combines foam cushion with specialized marine felt to ensure perfect adhesion. 8.5’ wide; large enough to fit almost any boat size.

Although elegant and beautiful, woven vinyl products have weave that may not run parallel to a cut edge. This is inherent in the material and any wave, bow or skew in the product is considered normal and not a defect. Some styles may also show light and dark shading that is normal and may be evident at areas where pieces meet.  Do not use solvent based glues or cleaners. All Corinthian Marine glue down flooring comes with a 5-year warranty*.

~Corinthian Marine for The Best Walk on Water~

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