Snap Installation Video Tutorial

How do I install snaps in my carpet? Are snaps easy to install? What in the world is a ‘snap installation tool’?

These are some of the many questions that may be going through your head when you order a new custom Snap-In AquaMat® from Corinthian Marine Carpet. So, we’re going to hopefully make the task of installing snaps a little easier by showing you a short video on how to install snaps into your new AquaMat®. Because our heavy vinyl-ribbed AquaLoc backing tends to stay in place, most of our customers don’t even bother to install snaps into their AquaMat®. However, some folks like the restraint that snaps offer or may have a small mat that could possibly take flight at high speeds on the water. So for those of you looking to make your new AquaMat® snap-in carpet actually ‘snap’, we offer you our short video tutorial ‘Snap-In Carpet is a Snap!’. Enjoy!