Top 15 Signs You Are a Boating Fanatic

1) You have to drag yourself out of bed at 7 in the morning for work, but you wake up at 4:30 am to get to the boat on the weekends.
2) Someone says they’ve had a family tragedy and you think their boat broke down.
3) You can feed more than a dozen people on a 12-inch barbecue.
4) You have considered becoming a teacher so you can spend the whole summer on the boat.
5) You catch yourself giving the “Boater’s Wave” to the people on the freeway.
6) Your boat costs more than your first house.
7) You have more Life Jackets than jackets.
8) The kids have named all the sea lions hanging out on the buoy by the Harbor Entrance.
9) There is at least one picture of your boat in your wallet.
10) You have that windblown, saltwater hairdo on a Wednesday.
11) You can tie up the boat perfectly while blindfolded, but your Windsor knot is unruly.
12) The boat goes in for preventative checkups more often than you do.
13) You’ve got a tattoo of your boat somewhere.
14) The family dog is bored with just hanging its head out the car window.
15) A small craft warning is great news! It means there will be fewer “amateurs” out there getting in your way.