Welcome to the Big House

In the southwest suburbs of Los Angeles, sits one of the most well-known sporting venues in the United States—The Forum.

For over 30 years this iconic stadium housed the Los Angeles Lakers pro basketball team and Los Angeles Kings pro hockey team, as well as playing host to a multitude of musicians and bands from Elvis Presley to Michael Jackson. However, in 1999, after three decades of sports and music sell-out gatherings, the city of Los Angeles would be granted a bigger and better stadium—The Staples Center. Similar to a sports team being gifted a new arena, Corinthian Textiles Georgia Fabrication Plant has recently moved to a new house as well. And it’s definitely bigger. And it’s definitely better. Minus the bleachers and cheerleaders, Corinthian Textiles new facility will allow for continued growth and expedited production for its marine and automotive divisions. The new warehouse and manufacturing facility, located in Chatsworth, Georgia, will double in size from 20,000 square feet to 40,000 square feet. This added space will give more room to expand cutting and sewing capacity, in addition to increased warehousing capabilities and staging of materials for shipping. According to David Owens, Executive Vice President of Operations, the new facility will also house a brand new state-of-of-the-art CAD cutting system that will double cutting capacity, as well as provide more flexibility on pattern design, nesting and material yields. Additional sewing machines will also be installed to increase binding capacity by up to 50%.

So, much like a winning sports team continues to crank out championship wins, Corinthian Marine plans on cranking out a whole lot of marine carpeting and custom-fit snap-in AquaMats in their new house.