What kind of Carpet is Right for High Performance Boats?

Loud, fast, vibrant, attention-getting.

No, I’m not referring to the latest football uniforms donned by the University of Oregon Ducks. I’m talking about high-performance go-fast boats. If you happen to be one of the lucky (and proud) owners of one of these engineering marvels, then you probably know exactly what I’m saying. Let’s face it; you didn’t buy one of these boats to just blend in with all of the other bland and boring vanilla boats out on the water. Aside from being extremely fast, high-performance boats usually have some of the most unique and exciting paint schemes and graphics of any boat. So, there is no reason your high-performance boat’s marine carpeting or AquaMat® shouldn’t be just as eye-popping. Most high-performance boats tend to come from the factory equipped with a 40-ounce premium cut pile snap-in AquaMat® or glue-in carpeting. These carpets are usually very plush and have a rich, luxurious feel, just like all of the other attributes of your prized vessel. Some of our most popular colors in the Exclusive Premium Cut Pile marine carpet line are Riviera Red, Mariner Blue and Iris. While some people are satisfied with a solid blank custom snap-in AquaMat®, those with a more daring and adventurous side might decide to step things up with a custom inlay snap-in mat in one of our bold inlay marine carpet options, such as Orange, Lime Green, Yellow and Silver Cloud. Check out our hot examples of some past projects! However wild and eccentric you decide to deck out your high-performance boat’s interior marine carpeting is up to you—but, please, whatever you do, don’t be ordinary!