Why you should buck the EVA Trend

Why you should buck the EVA Trend

EVA (foam) flooring is a very hot trend in marine flooring. But is it right for you? That depends.

If you use your boat often, EVA flooring is not a great solution. EVA flooring soils easily, is almost impossible to clean and wears out fairly quickly.  If you’re looking for marine flooring that’s durable and will last long-term, we would not recommend EVA flooring.

We know you’re probably looking for more-detailed information, so below, we’ll take a look at:

  • What EVA flooring is
  • A few reasons why EVA is not the best long-term solution for your boat
  • An alternate flooring recommendation

What is EVA Flooring?

EVA is a type of marine flooring that is made out of foam. It has expanded from providing a non-slip surface on swim platforms to covering all types of surfaces on a boat including hull sides.  The main attraction of EVA is that it does not absorb water.

Why EVA is not the best flooring option for your boat

As we mentioned above, EVA is not a durable marine flooring option because:

  1. It’s easily damaged
  2. It stains easily
  3. It’s not easy to replace or remove

1. EVA is easily damaged

If a ski fin, a cooler or an anchor is drug across EVA flooring, indentions or gouges will appear.   If you take your boat to a mechanic for work, you can be sure the floor will be damaged.

2. It stains easily

EVA can become easily stained, and usually retains any stains or discoloration that occurs. Below, we’ve included a few pictures from brand new boats with EVA flooring on display at the Miami International Boat Show in February 2019.

If the material shows this type of staining and wear on boats that haven’t left the showroom floor, imagine what happens after just a few hours on the water.

3. EVA is difficult to remove or replace

EVA flooring is directly glued to the surface, so it is no easy task to remove it.   If you want to replace your marine flooring, you’ll need to hire someone, and because it is so labor intensive, the cost to remove and replace your EVA flooring is typically very costly. Chemicals are used on the surface to get all the last bits up, and even then, the non -skid can be ruined.

The best alternative marine flooring to EVA

We know EVA is popular, but there are more affordable solutions available that will perform better and stay looking good longer. The best alternative marine flooring to EVA is a removable  AquaMat® by Corinthian’s  AquaWeave™. 

An AquaMat® is a woven vinyl that does not stain, does not absorb water, does not stick to the deck and can easily be taken out of the boat before hitting the shop.

The AquaMat®  is also styled to easily coordinate with any boat interior, making it a beautiful alternative to EVA. Learn more about AquaMat® options (including teak looks) or visit our FAQ page to learn more.