Keep the Gunk Out of Your Boat

One way we keep our homes clean is to stop dirt from coming inside with an entry mat. Just about everyone has some type of doormat at the entrance to their home for people to wipe their feet before going inside.  And when there is a mat at the door, we’re all trained to wipe away – that is everyone except the dog. Your boat is no different!  A super easy and affordable way to keep your boat clean is with small “step” mats strategically placed around your dock, on the seats, and near the swim platform – wherever wet, sandy and muddy feet will “step” first.  Typically step mats are available in standard rectangle sizes of 18” x 24” but they can also be custom made to fit your specific size requirements.  Step mats can be any color or style; designed to match your boat, or even communicate a personalized message.  A doormat will do, but you should also look for a step mat made from marine grade carpet with a non-slip backing, like an AquaMat®.  Why?  The marine grade mat stays in place better, won’t unravel around the edges, lasts longer in the marine environment and most importantly won’t scratch or harm any area it touches. So get some step mats to keep the gunk out…you’ll be glad you did.  Now only if you could train that dog…..for more information, check out our website.